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Purchasing the E-Learning DVD provides you with a multi-user license enabling you to share and use the materials with as many students as you wish, in your school, for a flat fee.

The cost for a single school is as follows:

  • Use of one Unit only for 12 months costs $99.00 (£75.00)
  • Use of both Units 1 and 2 costs $157.50 for 12 months (£120.00)


If you wish to purchase the E-learning DVD on behalf of multiple schools/organisations then the rate is discounted as follows:

Both Units Single Unit
Volume Price per School Volume Price per School
1 $157.50 1 $99
2-4 $120 2-4 $85
5+ $100 5+ $75


To buy using a purchase order please send your PO - clearly stating the amount of schools you are buying on behalf of - for the relevant amount to

Please ensure that your POs are addressed as follows:

University of Cambridge School Classics Project

Faculty of Education

184 Hills Road




Please note, we cannot accept incorrectly addressed Purchase Orders made out to Cambridge University Press.

If you require a quote with which to obtain a PO, please use the quote generator linked below.

Quote Generator