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Our digital support materials for the 4th Edition are hosted on Cambridge University Press' Elevate platform. For technical support or problems with the Elevate platform itself please contact

Elevate access can be purchased for individual users or as a school account with multiple users. Click on your preferred option below.


Using Elevate - Key Points 

  • To access the materials in Elevate each user will need to create a login and also purchase a book code.
  • There is no separate 'Teacher' code, all codes give acess to all materials.
  • The codes are each attached to one individual, so for 5 different people to access the resources you need 5 codes. These codes are not transferable between users. 
  • Each code gives you access to all four units.
  • For School accounts there are four options for duration; 6, 8, 10, 12 months. Individuals can only purchase 12 months of access.
  • The period of access for each code begins when it is first used in Elevate, not when it is purchased. Codes don't have a 'use by date'; if you don't use one this year, you can use it next year.
Logo for the Cambridge University Press Elevate platform